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How Is Japanese Cuisine so Healthy?

Eating healthy and eating out don’t typically go hand in hand. For patrons looking for a guilt-free way to enjoy a delicious night out, however, there are some flavorful fares that also happen to be incredibly nutritious. Whether you’ve made a Ne…

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Kid-Friendly Dishes at Shogun

Plenty of people think that authentic Japanese restaurants cater to adults with a polished palate. However, you don’t have to have the most refined taste buds to enjoy an amazing Japanese meal. In fact, the menu at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse was de…

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4 Ways to Add Wasabi to Your Dinner

The color green is often associated with health and wellness, and there are quite a few foods that live up to the shade’s standard. Packed with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, wasabi has a lot of patrons wondering where they can get…

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6 Appetizing Appetizers to Kick off Your Dinner

Ordering appetizers can be tricky. If you choose something too heavy, you might end up full before your meal even hits the table. But if you skip out completely, you miss out on a complete dining experience. Instead of accidentally filling up on soda…

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What Is a Teppanyaki Chef?

A teppanyaki chef is more than a cook who’s mastered the teppanyaki style of cuisine. Being a successful teppanyaki chef requires equal parts performance and culinary mastership. On top of their duties to perform and prepare meals, teppanyaki chefs…

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How to Easily Use Chopsticks

You might be familiar with how to use chopsticks for everyday meals, but taking on more complex dishes can seem like an unreachable milestone. To make these traditional utensils easier to use at every level of expertise, we’ve put together a go-to …

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Different Types of Sushi Rolls

Sushi is a go-to order for so many patrons around the world, but it can be intimidating to try for the first time. To find the right sushi roll for your taste, you’ll need to understand what goes into each and every bite. We’ve unrolled some of t…

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The History of Hibachi

Hibachi is celebrated globally for being the most entertaining way to dine. Although most know what to expect from a hibachi outing, not many are aware of how this Americanized craft began and what it looked like before reaching worldwide popularity.…

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Shogun’s Top Signature Cocktails

At Shogun, our hibachi may be the main course, but don’t underestimate the flavor of a delicious cocktail paired with it. Here are a few of our top signature cocktails.

Maiko Mango Punch

For something a little more unique, try the Maiko Mango…

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Health Benefits of Eating Seaweed

There are numerous health benefits to eating seaweed

The thought of eating seaweed might seem unpleasant to you until you consider that seaweed is a common ingredient in foods …

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