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Why You Should be Eating Edamame

If you’ve been to a Japanese restaurant before, chances are you’ve had edamame. Much like peas, edamame come in their own fuzzy pods, usually housing two or three beans. You can eat soybeans raw, cooked, grilled, or salted—virtually however you…

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What’s the Deal with Eel?

Also called unagi, freshwater eel is a very common type of fish used in sushi rolls. However, they aren’t just any old fish. In fact, eels are so special and difficult to cook properly that eel chefs are a completely separated profession from sushi…

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3 Types of Japanese Tofu

Asian supermarkets stock a variety of tofu. Even local grocery stores stock their shelves with this product. Did you know tofu provides a good amount of protein while costing just a fraction of meat protein? And did you know tofu is an extremely vers…

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What is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is a word used to describe how a particular dish was prepared. The word teppanyaki directly translates to “grilling on an iron plate.” You’ll commonly see steak, seafood, and even fried noodles cooked on a teppanyaki. Unfortunately w…

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3 Tips for Rolling the Perfect Sushi

You have your sushi recipe, you’ve prepared all of your ingredients, and even bought sushi-grade fish! But when you make your sushi, the rolls falls apart. Here are three tips to help you roll sushi like a master.

Select the Right Tools


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Mastering the Art of Using Chopsticks

Chopsticks can be tricky to manage at first. For beginners, it’s most important to get chopsticks to be functional; you can always refine your technique as time goes on. But as with all things concerning Japanese cuisine, there is a sophisticated e…

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Timeless Traditions of Japanese Cuisine

Japan is a country full of rich culture and traditions, which includes how they prepare food. By experiencing all that traditional Japanese restaurants have to offer, you get a little taste of the deep culture of this amazing country without having t…

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5 Myths of Sushi: Debunked

We’ve all heard different rumors about sushi; when to eat it, how to eat it, which kind is the best. But which ones are real? Here some of the five most-discussed myths of sushi debunked so you can enjoy your favorite meal without a doubt in your m…

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Secrets to Amazing Fried Rice

Fried rice is the staple of many popular Asian meals. Who can’t resist that delicious mix of fresh vegetables and perfectly plumped rice? When it comes to preparation, there are three secrets that stand out. Each one could mean the difference bet…

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The Keys to Making Good Miso Soup

When you’re looking for Japanese cuisine, miso soup should be in the search. This flavorful selection is a great choice for multi-course feasts and midday lunches alike. As you travel in the search for a good bowl of miso soup, keep in mind the t…

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