Timeless Traditions of Japanese Cuisine

Dining at Shogun Japanese SteakhouseJapan is a country full of rich culture and traditions, which includes how they prepare food. By experiencing all that traditional Japanese restaurants have to offer, you get a little taste of the deep culture of this amazing country without having to travel across the world.

Here are some interesting facts about Japanese food to help further immerse you in the culture:

  • Sushi is often presented in an artful way with appealing colors and textures because sushi masters believe that you don’t just eat with your mouth but your eyes as well.
  • Cooking sushi rice is more important than it may seem. Creating the perfect sticky texture is considered an art among sushi chefs.
  • Sushi chefs are similar to samurais in that they take extraordinary care of their knives, which includes sharpening them daily. Many of the fish prepared when creating sushi need to be thinly sliced, which is only possible using a perfectly sharpened knife.
  • Sashimi always features the best cut of meat and should be eaten pure, that is without condiments like wasabi.
  • Sashimi is traditionally eaten before sushi.
  • Japanese food is recognized by the United Nations because of its cultural significance.
  • The dishware used also has significance, and many traditional restaurants will want you to ask about their purpose. Dishware can be seasonal or even have historical
  • When eating soup with noodles, it is polite to slurp your food, but not when the soup contains rice.
  • It is impolite to stick your chopsticks straight up in a rice bowl. Japanese leave bowls of rice with two chopsticks stuck vertically in them for deceased people at funerals. Doing this outside of a funeral is considered bad luck as well as just in bad taste.

There are many more rules and traditions the Japanese follow when it comes to their cuisine, food preparation and presentation. Next time you’re eating out at an oriental restaurant, remember these facts, and you’ll be sure to have a culturally rich and diverse experience!

Authentic Japanese Dining

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