Secrets to Amazing Fried Rice

Fried rice is the staple of many popular Asian meals. Who can’t resist that delicious mix of fresh vegetables and perfectly plumped rice? When it comes to preparation, there are three secrets that stand out. Each one could mean the difference between another bountiful bowl and scraps of discontent.

Take It Easy On The Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is often the go-to condiment for fried rice novices. As flavorful as the sauce can be, it can also turn into a hinderance for the dish’s other flavors. Measuring only a half of a cup for large scale recipes is usually enough to bring bold bursts of flavor to the entire batch.

Eggs Don’t Matter

When you think about fried rice, eggs can be one of the first ingredients that comes to mind. In truth, an egg is not necessary to this recipe’s success. The flavor can be compensated for by other selections and it’s actually pretty easy to go without it. Withholding eggs may not be a choice when it comes to certain diners, especially those with allergies. This simple omission can help them enjoy the classic recipe without worry.

Let Rice Rest Before Use

It may be tempting to introduce freshly cooked rice to the classic recipe, but doing so can ruin consistency and create a mushy dish. After preparing rice, let it sit. Whether you have an hour or 24 hours set aside for its rest period, this simple step makes the difference in allowing an authentic taste to come through in each bite.
There’s no secret to the popularity of fried rice. No matter how it’s prepared, this dish will always hold a special place in the hearts of Asian cuisine enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a delightful bowl of fried rice along with other traditional Japanese cuisine, book your reservation at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse by calling 407-352-1607.

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