Different Types of Sushi Rolls

Sushi is a go-to order for so many patrons around the world, but it can be intimidating to try for the first time. To find the right sushi roll for your taste, you’ll need to understand what goes into each and every bite. We’ve unrolled some of the most famous sushi items to help you decide which to order next.

California Roll

The California roll has been for many the gateway into the delicious world of sushi. California rolls feature cooked krab, cucumber, avocado, and spicy mayonnaise. Wrapped in a non-traditional rice coating with a sesame seed garnish, this is a friendly option for sushi newcomers looking for a roll that doesn’t have raw fish.

Spicy Tuna Roll

The spicy tuna roll is a fan favorite for both sushi novices and enthusiasts. Topped or rolled with sesame seeds and spicy mayonnaise, spicy tuna rolls are a simple but tangy option filled with fresh tuna and crisp scallions.

Philadelphia Roll

First rolled in Philadelphia, this is a sushi treat with complex flavor profiles. The Philly roll packs bright and fresh tastes of smoked salmon and cucumber that mix beautifully with the rich flavor of its most famous ingredient: cream cheese. Combining those tastes with a small spread of spicy mayonnaise and sesame seeds, this roll is a smoky and creamy option that gets more delicious with each piece.

Vegetable Roll

Thanks to classics like the vegetable roll, even the pickiest eaters can enjoy sushi. These rolls are prepared without any fish, making them a popular choice for vegetarians and the less-adventurous. Vegetable rolls typically feature cucumber, avocado, and carrot along with both spicy or wasabi mayonnaise.

Ebi Ten Roll

The ebi ten sushi roll marries the delicious flavor of fried shrimp tempura with the fresh, light taste of cucumber to fill every bite with a crisp texture. Topped with sesame seeds and a drizzle of eel sauce, the ebi ten roll is the perfect pick for those who love a good crunch.

The Finest Sushi Rolls in Orlando

Luckily, for Central Florida locals and visitors, all of these famous sushi rolls are available on the Sakura Sushi menu at Shōgun Sakura Sushi. Our chefs offer a range of signature and classic sushi rolls filled with fresh ingredients and the finest cuts of fish. To reserve your next sushi outing, call us today at 407-352-1607 or select your table online by clicking the red button at the top of this blog.

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