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3 Tips for Rolling the Perfect Sushi

You have your sushi recipe, you’ve prepared all of your ingredients, and even bought sushi-grade fish! But when you make your sushi, the rolls falls apart. Here are three tips to help you roll sushi like a master.

  1. Select the Right Tools

Yes, you can use something like a tea towel, but rolling sushi is a hundred times easier with a bamboo mat. To keep your bamboo mat clean, put a piece of plastic between the bamboo mat and the sheet of nori. Be sure that the rough side of the nori faces up.

  1. Keep Your Hands Moist

Sushi rice sticks to everything including your hands. This can make the rolling process difficult. However, if you keep a small bowl of water nearby and continually moisten your hands, you’ll find the rice doesn’t stick to you. Also, while you’re working with the rice, be careful not to work it too much – your rice needs air!

  1. Don’t Overfill Your Rolls

The most common reason most rolls fall apart is that they’re overstuffed. Usually, the culprit is too much rice. The solution? Use a smaller amount of rice when creating your rolls. Lay a ¼-inch-thick layer of rice on the nori. And don’t forget to leave at least one inch of your nori sheet free of rice. Otherwise, you won’t be able to close your rolls.


It takes a few tries before you get the hang of making your own sushi rolls. But if you keep at it, soon you can be delighting yourself and guests with a great meal. And for they days you’re craving good sushi but don’t want to make it yourself, check out Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. Our perfectly rolled sushi will be sure to inspire the sushi chef in you. To reserve your seats, call us today at (407)-352-1607.