3 Types of Japanese Tofu

Asian supermarkets stock a variety of tofu. Even local grocery stores stock Dining at Shogun Japanese Steakhousetheir shelves with this product. Did you know tofu provides a good amount of protein while costing just a fraction of meat protein? And did you know tofu is an extremely versatile ingredient in a variety of dishes, adding a bit of flair and a lot of nutrition? How tofu becomes an ingredient in a dish depends on what type you’re using.

The Types of Tofu

In Japan, there are three common types of tofu, each with its own textures and benefits. Certain types of tofu are used for specific dishes due to how firm they are.

  1. Yakitofu – This is the firmest tofu because it is lightly grilled before it gets packaged. Since this type of tofu sticks together the best, it’s commonly used in dishes such as nabe, sukiyaki, and oden.
  2. Momentofu – The second firmest tofu with a medium consistency. It can also be known as regular, coarse, spongey, cotton, or wool tofu. It is the most common tofu found in a variety of dishes including scrambled eggs.
  3. Kinutofu – With ‘kinu’ meaning ‘silk’ in Japanese, this is the softest type of tofu out there. Since this tofu is neither drained nor pressed, all of its liquids remains within the tofu as it forms giving it its silky texture. This type of tofu can be found in vegetarian and vegan-friendly desserts such as custards, puddings, and “milk” shakes.

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