The Quick Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Sake

Made from fermented rice grains, sake is an adult beverage with unique serving styles and social traditions. Because there are so many ways to enjoy it, first timers sometimes find this international drink a little intimidating. That’s why we’ve put together a quick beginner’s guide to help you get acquainted. The Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Sake

Serving Temperature

While you might find sake served at a range of specific temperatures, the two you’ll most commonly find on a menu include:

Atsukan — Sake served hot is widely known at “Atsukan.” This steamy way to enjoy sake is perfect for those who prefer a rich, earthy aroma and stronger sake taste.
Reishu — Sake chilled to a cold temperature is commonly referred to as “Reishu.” A cool glass is a preferred choice for patrons who like a hint of subtle sake undertones.

Hotter temperatures often lend higher flavor density, while chilling sake brings out its quieter tastes. Choose a serving temperature depending on which kind you want highlighted in your beverage.

Filtered vs. Unfiltered

Sake ranges in flavors, color, and even cloudiness. The more transparent sake options are typically “filtered,” or pressed, which means the original sake has been poured through a fine strainer and ran again through paper filters. This process refines the sake opacity and taste. While white, cloudy sake is also pressed, it isn’t double-filtered to completely polish the fermented rice grains. By retaining the color and full rice flavor, “unfiltered” sake retains a higher potency.

Order Sake at Shogun

At Shogun Japanese Steakhouse, we have an array of sake selections for you to sample, including:

Gekkeikan — This eight oz. glass, served hot and steamy, is aromatic, deep, and full of rich flavor.
Shirayuki — Also known as White Snow, this 10 oz. serving of ice-cold sake is the perfect light and airy option.
Shochikubai — Served chilled, our unfiltered sake option retains tiny rice solids which creates the cloud-white color for an undiluted taste.

Whether you’re looking to try your very first sip, a new range of serving temperatures, or an unfiltered variety, our adult beverage menu has all the alternatives you could want. We also offer specialty cocktails, signature drinks, and a range of wines for patrons with different preferred tastes. To order take out, visit our website or call us at 407-352-1607.

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