International Drive Japanese Steakhouse and Seafood

International Drive Japanese Steakhouse and Seafood

Shogun’s Top 3 Signature Cocktails

Dining at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

At Shogun, our hibachi may be the main course, but don’t underestimate the flavor of a delicious cocktail paired with it. Here are a few of our top signature cocktails.

Shogun’s Signature Cocktails

Maiko Mango Punch

For something a little more unique, try the Maiko Mango Punch. This drink is made with Bacardi Rum, Gekkeikan Sake, orange juice, pineapple juice, and mango mix, then topped with an orange slice and maraschino cherry. A Japanese take on a Caribbean classic, it’s not something you can get anywhere else.

Volcano Bay BreezeDining at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

If you want something on the stronger side, a Volcano Bay Breeze should do the trick. A fruity drink that packs a punch, the Volcano Bay Breeze mixes four kinds of alcohol: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, apricot brandy, peach schnapps, and banana brandy. This concoction is then mixed with mango mix, Sprite, and lemonade.

Japanese Slipper

If you’re searching for something sweet check out our sparkling strawberry daiquiri or the Japanese Slipper. Made with Absolut Vodka, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and maraschino cherry, this drink almost doubles as a dessert.

Happy Hour Drinks and Eats

Enjoy signature cocktails at ShogunWith sushi happy hour going from 5–7 p.m. every day at Sakura Sushi, it’s the pe  rfect time to get $5 classic sushi rolls and some signature cocktails from International Pub to go along with them. A few of these classic cocktails are even offered in Super Bowl size for $18! The only question is, are you going to share?

Located in the Rosen Inn on International Drive, Shōgun Japanese Steakhouse serves a full diverse list of signature cocktail selections. To book your table today, visit our reservation portal on our website or give us a call at 407-352-1607.

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Shogun Japanese Steakhouse on International Drive is where talent, fresh flavors, and entertainment ignite on the grill. Our teppanyaki shoguns bring the heat and humor in an unforgettable dining experience unique to all restaurants on International Drive. Dine with your crew around the teppanyaki or at a table. We also love hosting gatherings and small parties.

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