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Japanese Cuisine Features Many Types of Sushi

shogun-sushiYou’re in for a treat if you’re dining at a traditional Japanese restaurant like Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. Not only will you be able to enjoy the mouth-watering savor of expertly prepared teppanyaki, but you can also delight your palate with lighter fare, such as sushi, sashimi, and the like.

Check out the following three, most well-known sushi types if you’re in the mood for unique flavors:

1. Sushi

Strictly defined, sushi consists of rice with vinegar combined with a variety of other ingredients. Slices of fresh seafood are more properly referred to as sashimi (see below). The preparation techniques and specific items used in quality dishes depend highly on the preferences and abilities of the itamae, or sushi chef. Order based on your tastes, or if you’re feeling adventurous tell the chef, “Omakase,” and you’ll get a choice plate personally selected by the itamae.

2. Sashimi

Thin pieces of raw fish or meat offer flavorful tidbits for any gourmand. Traditionally served with a vegetable garnish and complemented with wasabi, ginger, or another condiment, sashimi is often considered the masterpiece of traditional Japanese cuisine. Salmon, shrimp, and tuna are popularly used for this culinary pleasure, but you may also encounter eel, octopus, and other exotic sea creatures.

3. Nigiri

Nigirizushi (nigiri) consists of rice compressed into an oval-shaped ball, topped with a piece of seafood. Gunkanmaki is a type of nigiri in which the contents are held together with a sheet of the seaweed nori. Connoisseurs know to avoid mixing nigiri and sake because each is made of rice and doing so interferes with other flavors. Sip a refreshing green tea instead.

There’s a lot to experience in a Japanese steakhouse like Shogun. Expand your horizons by trying out some of the stellar sushi dishes.  Make your reservation for Shogun Japanese Steakhouse in Orlando at 407-352-1607 or online.