International Drive Japanese Steakhouse and Seafood

International Drive Japanese Steakhouse and Seafood

6 Appetizing Japanese Appetizers to Kick off Your Dinner

Ordering Japanese appetizers can be tricky. If you choose something too heavy, you might end up full before your meal even hits the table. But if you skip out completely, you miss out on a complete dining experience. Instead of accidentally filling up on soda or watching the clock until your entrée arrives, check out these distinct Japanese appetizers that will change your entire dining experience.

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Edamame Beans

Served warm inside of their soft, fuzzy shell and garnished with a light pinch of salt, edamame beans are soybeans harvested just before maturation. This colorful vegan treat is a great finger food preferred by patrons in the mood for a fun, simple snack. As a healthy appetizer to help you gear up for the main course, edamame will keep your hands busy and your hunger at bay until your entrée arrives.

Kaiso Salad

Kaiso salads stand out from mainstream salads for being prepared with seaweed rather than traditional lettuce. But instead of the nori seaweed that holds together a classic sushi roll, kaiso salads feature wakame seaweed as the star ingredient. Because of its salty-sweet profile and distinct seaweed flavor, this vegan dish is a go-to for patrons across all diets. An excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and flavor, kaiso salad is a light appetizer perfect for those preparing for a hearty Japanese meal.

Stuffed Gyoza

Gyoza is a modern rendition of traditional dumplings. While chefs prepared regular dumplings with thick wrapper stuffed with meats and vegetables, they assemble gyoza with a thinner wrapper and finely chopped filling options. Pan-fried to bring out aromatic flavors and an audibly crisp bite, this appetizer is a unique way to sample some cultural comfort food.

Stacked Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake that doesn’t belong on the breakfast menu. Although its preparation is similar to conventional pancakes, okonomiyaki’s key ingredients create a drastically difference taste. Those who want a dense, flavorful, and savory appetizer to share before their meal often go for okonomiyaki prepared with pork, cabbage, and optional toppings like cheese or fried eggs. It’s one of our favorite Japanese appetizers!

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

Tempura is a friendly appetizer to introduce newcomers to Japanese cuisine. Featuring deep-fried vegetables and shrimp, tempura is a crisp, warm, fresh fare that everyone at the table is guaranteed to love. But, unlike more common fried food options, tempura is dipped in a light batter that creates a bright flavor without weighing patrons down before dinner.

Tuna TatakiAppetizers at Shogun Japanese Restaurant Photo 5

Tuna Tataki is an artistic appetizer prepared with traditional Japanese influence. To get this dish just right, chefs sear the exterior of a piece of fresh tuna, quickly remove it from the heat, and cut thin slices for delicate strips with temperature and texture contrasts. This results in tuna slices with crisp, tender edges and signature pink middles. Typically made with bonito or ahi tuna, this dish is a protein-packed way to prepare for dinner.

Order Your Favorite Japanese Appetizers at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

If you’re interested in sampling any of the starters mentioned above, secure a seat at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. Our full menu will happily guide any patron from appetized to all full. When you’re ready to reserve your table, call 407-352-1607.

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