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Japanese Cuisine: Eight Japanese Noodles You Should Know

shutterstock_375633619Japanese cuisine relies heavily on noodles. Flours used in the noodles range from buckwheat to yam flour. Dishes such as teppanyaki and hibachi are traditionally served with yakisoba noodles, but there are a variety of noodles the Japanese incorporate in their meals.


Mung bean starch is the key ingredient in the clear harusame noodles. They’re used in soups and stir-fries.


Ramen noodles get their color from kansui, mineral-rich water. Made from wheat and eggs, these noodles come to life in a rich, meaty broth that cooks for hours and is a staple in Japanese cuisine.


Free of any gluten, rice noodles are a versatile ingredient in Japanese cooking. The noodles work well in soups and pan-fried dishes.


Yam flour forms the low-calorie shirataki noodle. Shirataki do well in any Japanese noodle dish, but you’ll find them frequently served with sukiyaki.


Buckwheat flour is the key ingredient in soba. The noodles are a staple in Toshikoshi Soba, a traditional New Year’s Eve soup made with a dashi, mirin, and soy sauce broth. Soba noodles are usually served cold accompanied by Japanese dipping sauces.


While somen are ideal in both hot and cold dishes, the hand-pulled noodles become cooling meals in the heat of summer. The cooked wheat noodles are plated with mirin and soy dipping sauce and topped with garnishes like ginger, scallions, and wasabi.


Thick udon, made from buckwheat flour, noodles work well in both hot and cold dishes. Typically, they’re served in a flavorful Japanese broth known as dashi that’s made from dried kelp and fish.


Yakisoba, the name of this wheat flour noodle, translates to “fried buckwheat.” Unlike many Japanese dishes that cook in broth, yakisoba gets tossed in a sauce before pan frying.

No matter which Japanese noodle you select, each brings a different taste and texture to your soup or noodle dish. Taste the delectable flavors of traditional Japanese noodles at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse in Orlando. Call 407-352-1607 or make your reservation online today.